US GAAP face to face courses

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US GAAP online courses

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Stay on top of the standards and keep your technical skills sharp

BPP provides an extensive range of financial reporting courses covering new UK GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP to keep you up to date with the constant flow of information from the standard setters.


In-house Financial Reporting

BPP can work with you to create programmes that update your employees on the financial reporting issues relevant to your organisation, equipping your employees with the skills and competencies they need to impact your business objectives and develop personally. We have a number of different methods to deliver our training, and can design programmes blending face-to-face delivery, online classroom live and pre-recorded modules to suit your organisation’s specific needs.


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Unrivalled training solutions

If more than four employees need CPD, BPP's tailored in-house programmes are ideal. They combine excellent training with exceptional value of any organisation. As well as being fully compatible with all online training portals and Learning Management Systems.
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